Sometimes I go buying in the UK for Mooch. This quite literally means searching through 10 tonnes of vintage. And I mean that in the most literal sense, you get ten, one tonne batches to go through! Can you imagine how many blouses you can get in one tonne?! This is really hard work, but its also really cool when you stumble across absolute gems! And what is even cooler, is that I leave with a whole suitcase full of freebies!

I decided to take a few snaps of a couple of these items (because taking photos of clothes is pretty much my life.)

Pink snake skin effect blouse

I loved this blouse as soon as I saw it! The fabric is really heavy and actually like snake skin, but shiny. Anything shiny in my eyes is good! Bagged this Fiorelli too, get it?

Biker Jacket
Again, wearing my new handbag. I liked this bag because its simple and smart. A good bag for all occasions. I saw this biker and got a little bit too excited, because I already had these near matching trousers from Zara! It was just meant to be.


Lucky Blouse

Lucky Blouse
Finally this lucky blouse is just really cool! It has a proper vegas feel to it and a black blouse can literally be chucked on with anything! I teamed it with a spanish sombrero and walked around the woods looking like a vampire, because why wouldn’t you?

Theres a load more glittery blouses, military jackets and tops but they’re still all being washed. I keep saying I won’t get anymore clothes, but if they’re free does that really count?

Thanks for reading X


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