Model Fittings at Boss Studios

Incredible day yesterday in Leicester, dressing loads of beautiful people in loads of beautiful clothes, ready for the matrix catwalk in Birmingham next Saturday!

I was contacted by boss studio owner, who asked if I wanted to join in on this catwalk fun, and of course I did! After a few weeks discussion, and model castings, my team was picked for me. I received images and measurements of each model so I could pull the outfits. The catwalk is a pretty trendy event so I didn’t want to do the usual, 50’s – present theme. So I did a little Instagram stalking on each model and picked outfits, that I thought would suit them individually.

The fitting was yesterday, I was so nervous incase the outfits didn’t look good, or they didn’t fit etc. But, I’m really happy to say everyone looked great and I managed to make a lot of people smile with the outfits! Now I’m just super excited to see them all on the run way with props, hair and makeup!

All in all, a really lovely day, It was great to get out of my studio and meet a whole new group of people! I know were all going to have a great time in Birmingham on Saturday!

Managed to get a few back ground pics of the fitting and walk planning! unnamed-2954

talking through run way orders and walks
Models waiting for their fitting


I actually used a few of my own items in the mix, all of which are from Mooch of course. Like the purple coat, thats actually mine but as soon as I saw the model I knew she would love it and absolutely rock the look, and she does!

Roll on Saturday! Big thanks to my team and thank you for reading! xox

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