I wore this red suit the other day for the model fitting, so I thought i’d do a little write up about it! This suit is pretty much the embodiment of my favourite clothes; red, a little tacky and well, a trouser suit! I got this from Moochs’ warehouse in January, to wear in Paris on my holiday, but it was about -500 degrees (just a guess,) so it never got worn for its intended purpose.  But, does a red suit really need a purpose? I don’t think so. I teamed it with a red roll neck, my lucky hat and a super blingy waist belt. Finally an outfit that is comfy and fab! The suit is an early 80’s piece, of course.

My fluffy bag is actually from Topshop and my pointy, sparkly shoes from Zara. Topshop is not my usual high street go to, but in the words of my Mother ‘Every girl needs a fluffy bag.’ I couldn’t agree more! Speaking of my lovely mom, outfit pics courteous of the fab lady herself! After the fitting, I had time to swing into the sticks of Shrewsbury to have dinner with her, which was a treat!



Thanks for reading, and thanks for the pics Mom xoxox

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