The Warehouse

I can’t think of a more ominous title than, ‘The Warehouse’. I say ominous because even though it’s glorious, all plans, outfits, photoshoot ideas and even common sense, dissipate from my mind. I’m like a nat to a bright light in there, buzzing from corner to corner of this several floor behemoth. The lines between pulling stock and shopping are grossly crossed at this point. What can I tell you, hundreds of tonnes of clothes can do crazy things to a girls head!

I come here a few times a month to pick my stock, and it’s always a highlight! And personally I’m yet to leave empty handed for my own wardrobe… oops. Today I got a floor length leopard print duster with feather cuffs and all the feather trimmings, but thats another blog post story! unnamed-3005unnamed-3004unnamed-3003unnamed-3006unnamed-3002

This is just a few snaps – probably should invest in a wide angle lens – but as you can see it is absolutely chaos! Stock pulling days are a little bit like super market sweep, only clothes, and i’d probably need a solid three weeks in here to get a little peep at everything. I wonder, if you combined all the ages of each item together, how many years that would be?

Welcome to Mooch’s fun house, and the slightly less glamorous side to working with vintage fashion! Thanks for reading xox

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