A Very Red Day

Today I photographed some of the super exciting pieces I got from yesterdays warehouse haul. A lot of which seem to be red, but since photographing my own clothes I’ve realised I seem to mostly wear red, so that makes sense. A lot of the same coloured clothes fit my new Mooch Instagram theme anyway (yes Instagram themes are actually a thing now Ive learned?)

Anywho, heres a 1990’s Vivienne Westwood Red label suit!unnamed-3043unnamed-3041unnamed-3042

I really wanted to keep this one for myself, but Ive had a lot of time off Asos recently so I needed to come back with some killer items! And i’d say this is pretty killer!

The next one is a Kappa tracksuit, thats right a tracksuit. Not something i’d wear but I actually really loved this one, probably because its red. unnamed-3040unnamed-3038unnamed-3039

Also how cute are these heels? Just Zara basics £20!

Last killer red item is this 80’s Cardigan shape blazer, with added sparkles!


I love this blazer, its so simple but elegant. I’d definitely wear this for a swanky evening do.

Thanks for reading my babble on red clothes xox

2 thoughts on “A Very Red Day

  1. Have to admit I’m a big fan of red myself so bring em all 😁 but may be not the track suit but saying that just because they don’t suit me!!! Enjoying your stuff and that waist coat reminds me of one I need to have a look for!


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