Recently I have been trying really hard to make my Mooch Instagram page more interesting.  I mentioned in a previous post, briefly, how I now use a theme to make the page itself look good. But that requires more content. And more content require more thought. I have made tonnes of animated videos using studio shots and making clothes dace and what not. I don’t write up about my videos actually.  I should probably do so more often. So heres an example…


Studio shots aren’t always that interesting to look at, especially if I fill my whole page with them. So I mix it up with edits and these types of videos. My new theme requires an upload of three at a time. So yep, thats right. I had to make three of these videos. I can’t quite put into words, what types of things this does to ones eyes, and not to mention the hours they take to make! I do like them though, I like a challenge. Nothing quite beats going out doors mind. And to be honest, I’m looking for a faster video making route. Put it this way, it is quicker to go to the city centre, wait for my model, sneak onto a roof, record, get a taxi home and then edit a video, than it is to turn a photo into one.

So me and my trusty model creeped up onto a very high roof in sheffield, wandered around for about 20 seconds an outfit, whilst being filmed. Then I took the footage home to play with. I gathered if I can turn a photo into a video I could well, turn a video into a video?


Its currently freezing, so naturally I took jackets. I happen to be wearing a Louis Vuitton jacket from their 2007 SS collection. It’s not technically vintage, but its a gem! These are my edited videos and I am super exited about them. For my first time at recording and video editing I couldn’t be happier with the results!

I have learnt a few things from making these videos.

Number 1: My logical brain isn’t too logical, since my first point of call was to turn photos into videos, rather than you know, make a video.

Number 2: The higher you climb in Sheffield the windier and colder it gets.

Number 3: I have said Video too many times.


2 thoughts on “Videos

  1. As the weeks go by I find you more and more interesting, you are learning and to be honest you speak my language, I find you easy to understand and very honest, I look forward to your next blog.


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