Meeting Resolutions

Resolutions – an unintended camera pun.

So it’s now 2018, and I made a resolution to make my first ever resolution (I typically think they’re a load of bull) but I made one anyway, and it was to work with more people. So I started one of my first days back at work photographing Charlotte Sheffield, (great name for a Sheffield lass I know.) Charlotte is a friend of mine who loves vintage clothes: especially the 1960’s. So I saw an opportunity to work more true vintage onto the site and and to keep true to my resolution.

I got a whole range of clothes from the 50’s to the 80’s, I know Charlotte, so I knew what she would feel comfortable in and what colours would suit her. Choosing stock felt like a nice little personal buying experience. It’s great to finally pick stock without myself in mind!

We started off in the studio. Being stuck in a small room with me and my camera, honed in on your face probably can be a little uncomfortable, but she did really well and looked beautiful in all the clothes!


This is just a few shots from the shoot, but we got a nice range of true vintage clothes on there. The sequin dress is an 80’s 1920 repro, and its possibly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever clapped eyes on! The blue trousers and coat are another fave, the colours look great on Charlotte.

We took the blue look outside to get some shots for Instagram.


I’m not quite sure how I mange to mostly pick rural locations for shoots, since I live in a city centre, but apparently I’m managing.  Maybe another resolution could be to get a little more urban?

Im really pleased with these, the colourful MOD style looks great on Charlotte and the sun flares were a big help for my photography! I’m always grateful for good lighting spots. We added red lippy and some sassy cat eye glasses to finish the look off nicely. Because lippy and glasses can never fail.

Big thanks to my model, and thank you for reading xo


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