My name is Danielle and I’m a 23 year old stylist and photographer based in Sheffield. My main job is E-commerce for a vintage clothing company, which entails, quite literally playing with clothes all day. Long story short, I choose the stock for Mooch Vintage’s Asos page, style it, photograph, edit it and then get it online. A lot of the time I photograph myself, just for speed purposes, as my job is so fast paced, it is actually more time efficient to hop in front of the camera myself! I work with models for special shoots, the more fun, creative out door kinds! I am also the content creator for Mooch’s Instagram page. So my life is literally clothes, all day every day!

I also work on events and PR to get the Mooch name out there, such as Magazine work, charity events, interviews, catwalks etc.

I’m very lucky to have this job, since I’ve always had an obsession for clothes and styling, it’s too perfect to be making a living out of it!

The website is a gallery of all my work in progress, my journey with styling vintage clothes from the 50’s awards but often with a contemporary twist, you will also no doubt see blog pages about what i’ve been up to and what I’ve been wearing myself. It will become quite apparent that 80’s power dressing and strong prints is my thing!