I wore this red suit the other day for the model fitting, so I thought i’d do a little write up about it! This suit is pretty much the embodiment of my favourite clothes; red, a little tacky and well, a trouser suit! I got this from Moochs’ warehouse in January, to wear in Paris […]

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Model Fittings at Boss Studios

Incredible day yesterday in Leicester, dressing loads of beautiful people in loads of beautiful clothes, ready for the matrix catwalk in Birmingham next Saturday! I was contacted by boss studio owner, who asked if I wanted to join in on this catwalk fun, and of course I did! After a few weeks discussion, and model […]

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Autumn Fashion

There is something about Autumn that classically brings around a bout of 70’s style fashion! I presume its because of the typical warm browns and oranges of popular 70’s styles. Autumn outdoor hues are also pretty picture perfect! Mooch has a lovely customer called Hannah, who is heavily into the 70’s fashion, making her the […]

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Sometimes I go buying in the UK for Mooch. This quite literally means searching through 10 tonnes of vintage. And I mean that in the most literal sense, you get ten, one tonne batches to go through! Can you imagine how many blouses you can get in one tonne?! This is really hard work, but […]

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Getting Out Doors

When you work in a studio, its easy to get a little trapped by it. I learned to use a camera out doors for my first photography job, for a sports photography company actually. But as the years have passed I’ve spent less and less time out there! So I took one of my fave […]

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‘The Big Gay Wedding’

Last weekend, on the 23rd of September, I was lucky enough to attend my bosses wedding! The kind of wedding that belonged to the only men, brilliant enough to aptly name their wedding, ‘The Big Gay Wedding’, and to then have their two stout Bull Dogs walk them down the isle. The isle, may I […]

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Danier – possibly the most commonly found label in my wardrobe! And of course, a hugely popular 80’s designer, especially in leathers. Simply put, a black and gold (tacky) 80’s two piece has my name all over it! Danier – Dani? Close enough. I don’t usually wear skirts, but I’ll make an exception for this […]

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